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Leadership / Instructor Courses

Focussing on the tools, techniques and behaviours around lean. Read More

Structure & Design

Organisational Design - looking at the structure from top to bottom.

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People and Processes

Full scale Lean deployment. Read More

Problem Solving

"Everyone solves problems". Read More

Project Management

We can facilitate or advise on the Projects within your Organisation. Read More

All Of Our Services

Value Stream Mapping, Material and Information Flow and many more. Read More

PNW Consulting

Who is coaching you on your Lean Journey?

Whether you are already using Lean or some other method of Continuous Improvement it can be a difficult path to follow. We at PNW Consulting understand the challenges both People and Process wise and can navigate this Journey with you.

Our focus is Continual Improvement, we will embed knowledge and understanding of the Toyota Production System into your people, creating a self reliance that will accelerate, and add value to your Organisation.