Problem Solving “Everyone solves problems”

Level 1 – 100% of Company

Inputs – Seven Wastes + 1, stand in the circle, Fishbone (Ishikawa) with 5 why analysis.
Outputs – Multiple Kaizen idea generation.

Level 2 – 20% of Company

Inputs – A3 overview, Value Stream Mapping, QC tools, target setting, 3C tracker, countermeasure implementation, standardisation and Yokoten (horizontal application through Company).
Outputs – One Project through A3 methodology (60 days).

Level 3 – 10% of Company

Inputs – High Level Value Stream Mapping, Project Management and Innovative thinking.
Outputs – Cross functional A3 Project focussing on a particular Value Stream or high level problem (90 days).

Client can request to modify Levels based on their requirements.

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